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Supaflow Engineering’s design team offers prototyping services in order to ensure your final tools and products are to your exact specifications, and to ensure the most cost effective designs.

Using the latest technology’s including Stereolithography (SLA) and Fused Deposit Modelling (FDM), Supaflow Engineering will work with your ideas to develop 3D drawings and provide prototypes within days. This ensures that your final products will fit the description and function you desire, and eradicates any possibility that your part is either too big or too small for its purpose by allowing us to alter your 3D designs before beginning any toolmaking process.

Stereolithography, also known as 3D layering/printing, allows us to create an actual, three-dimensional object from your CAD drawings that you can take away and test on site before we begin making your tool. SLA uses lasers to build up a resin model for a basic fit and visual appraisal of your designed product. Prototypes save time and money by discovering mistakes early on.