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One of the most important roles within Supaflow Engineering is the design and development of our customer’s products. With the use of 3D CAD software systems and equipment, we are able to effectively design and refine your product concepts and final drawings prior to beginning the Injection Moulding process. World renowned software manufacturers Solidworks and Delcam enable us to take your product from vague concepts with no design ideas through to full manufacturing of tools.

Supaflow Engineering strives to take your ideas and create the best designs possible, at no charge!

Using advanced 3D software, Supaflow is able to develop your products and present you with designs both in hard copy and three-dimensionally on a computer screen. Alterations can always be made to your designs prior to any injection moulding or toolmaking occurring, and you can rest assured our design team will take your suggestions and wishes on board.

With unparalleled design skills, our design team will not only ensure your product looks the way you want it to, but that it can be produced at the most cost effective price by building more cavities into the mould. Incorrect positioning of water cooling circuits and other important extrinsic elements can lead to higher moulding costs and damage to the tool or part itself, which is why Supaflow Engineering carefully plans out your tool design prior to any moulding to ensure low prices and high quality for you as a consumer.

Supaflow Engineering works with customers under strict confidentiality.