New Robots, New Technology and New Opportunities!

What has Supaflow been up to?

It’s been a busy few months for Supaflow Engineering – with one new KUKA KR AGILUS sixx 6-Axis robot joining the already impressive robot family back in September, and 2 new robots currently on the water and on their way!

Since its implementation, the new 6-axis robot has been successfully used to increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness by helping to reduce labour costs. With its extreme precision, agility and compact design – this new little robot works at high speeds in confined spaces to ensure machines run 24/7 without assistance. This allows us to produce, manufacture and assemble your products much faster and run through the night, at the reduction of labour costs.

What’s to come?

To kick off 2017 in true Supaflow style, a 3-Axis servo traverse robot is on its way to replace existing machinery and update to the latest technology to ensure Supaflow remains the leading automated Plastic Injection Moulding company.

Also, due to the immense success and demand of the new KUKA 6-Axis robot, another has been ordered and is on its way to further increase efficiency in 2017 and ensure that all products are manufactured and produced as cost-efficiently as possible for clients.

With the quest for innovation never ending, Supaflow is excited to see how these new robots can help us to meet and exceed all of your plastics injection moulding needs.

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